Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Blog For Car Lovers Everywhere

This blog is for you.  That's right, you, sitting there at your computer.  You're here because you are passionate about cars.  You live for the thrill of the open road.  You derive vicarious pleasure from reading about the experiences of other drivers.  You follow the automotive industry's every move.  And even when you aren't in the market for a new (or pre-loved) automobile, you keep your eye out for that special vehicle that just might change your life.  Yes, I made this blog for you, because I am one of you.

My Mission

My goal is to write a review or essay about every car I drive.  I have a backlog of old writing, but I've still got a lot of catching up to do.

  1. The author is incredibly biased toward manual transmissions over automatics.  Sorry folks, but slushboxes just aren't going to get as much coverage here as their clutch-endowed counterparts.
  2. The author has strong revisionist tendencies.  He firmly believes that blog posts, like fine wine, should get better with age.  Prepare for the occasional surprise when re-reading old entries.

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